Internal Mis-communication

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

There is a huge war waging and it is internally internal, inside of one’s own self.

The internal conflicts of mis-communication begins inside of one’s own self.

Self awareness is the key.  Freedom is the door.

Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.


Touch Through the Perception of Kindness

Touch through the perception of kindness

It is very interesting to note that, when an incident happens in life, there can be like 20 + people watching the same thing at the same time.

When a report is noted to what people saw, you will find that only 1 or 2 people will have the same perception that took place.  The others will give a different variety to the incident, due to perception.

Perception plays in 2 worlds.  There is the Macro and Micro of life.  The Macro is the big picture.  The Micro is the small picture.  Depending upon perception in the macro will play a big part in defining the micro.

The Macro is defined through reflection upon perception.  The Micro are the details that define perception in a culture, within a subculture.

A subculture is a particular disease that is brought through the subconscious.  The disease is called trends.  Trends can catch on like wildfire.  Trends are the micro organisms that feed different societies.  Perception is but a trend, if society deems it to be a necessity.

Perception in a belief system will determine a persons life style.  A lifestyle is a perception of how one thinks one is, instead of who that person really is.  A trend is the next best thing if one so determines it through perception.

To follow a trend within a culture of a subculture, would be like a sheep following a sheep herder.  A person can chase trends one after the other.  When one trend ends another begins.  It is kind of like chasing dreams.  To chase dreams all of one’s life, leaves many holes of perception, of what one thought life was instead of the way life really is.

Choose trends wisely in order to fulfill perception of the connection.  The connection from the Micro to the Macro that settles within the heart.

Touching the life of another with one’s own heart, is then touching the Macro in all hearts.  Perception is like a domino effect.  Place a line of dominoes in a row each standing in front of each other. Push one towards the direction of the next.  Each one touches the next until all have been touched.


Bird Chirpn – music

Bird Chirpn – Music

Music is a world that needs no words, same as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Music comes in a variety of flavors.  It is the tones that we feel in the music which brings the music alive.

New musical flavor of exploration is super fun!!!


Musical Flavor

Creating energy is super fun!!!

Yesterday was my first day of winter break vacation.  I have been wanting to make some music.  Yesterday I made my first mixes.  I just learned yesterday how to make mixes and it is super fun, hahaha!!!

As I learn the right rhythm of tones I need for the background music, a new energy emerges.  I have never played music in my life, always wanted to, but never had the time.  I am learning how much fun it really is.  The music is a particular flavor of energy that will be the background for the audio book.

My first book, The Universe Is Calling You, will become an audio book.  That is what I am working on right now, while having fun!!!

My first 3 mixes on soundcloud on 12/20/2014

This has been a very amazing year!!!


One of those kinda days!!!!!

Oh my goodness, it is gona be one of those kinda days hahaha!!!!

Life is truly amazing!!!!

I got a text early in the am.  The text stats they are an assassin hired to kill me.

Like really, my goodness.

I find that people so desire to get bad attention when they are not receiving the attention they so desire.

Basically I said, everyone chooses to live in fear or love.  I choose love.

A person that would want to kill a person that is writing a children’s pop up book, for children that have cancer and such, tells me that, that person is afraid of love.

Anger is hurt turned inside out.

That person is hurting very deeply and love is the only way to be free.

I am energy!!!


Gemini Horoscope for 12/20/2014

Gemini Horoscope for 12/20/2014

Your greatest quality is generosity, Gemini. Your nature isn’t to give to others in order to get something back but for the pleasure of giving. This is how you get power and light. Think of all the people in the world who give of themselves without expecting anything in return. You don’t have to make much effort to be one of those people – just give it a try.


What is Wrong and Where

What is Wrong and Where

By Kachinas Kutenai

“The Body speaks in silence trying to keep each body strong.

The Mind ignores the messages ever knowing that it is wrong.

The Body once again attempts communication through our dreams.

The Mind again “erases” and continues stress-filled schemes.

Then…The Body angry, tries again to reach the Mind.

This time the message comes with pain, hurting and defined.

The Mind thinks “it will go away” by doing nothing…once a day.

The Body speaks more loudly now,

With pain more frequent the body will bow.

The Body says, “I told you so…

Months or even years ago.”

Now I force the tears to flow;

Examine the time you let my pain grow.

I am the feeling you tried to deny

And you have the nerve to ask God why

Am I hospitalized? Why am I ill?

How can I afford my hospital bill?

Ignorance only is the Almighty Answer

That causes heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer;

America’s three outstanding killer diseases,

Each grows slowly when the body displeases.

No Illness grows to life-threatening proportions

Without the mind knowing it had the options…

To obey the silent warnings the body can give…

To those who are serious about wanting to live.

To have a knowledge of herbs taken at the first warning

is to love on’es self more and avoid later mourning.

For once tissues are damaged, they are hard to repair…

Especially when doctor bills begin to glare

And fill the heart with guilty despair;

All because the mind refused to care.

Pretending erroneously not to know

What all of our bodies ultimately show..

What is Wrong and Where!!!”

Medicine Woman Speaks – A Simple Introduction To The Use of Herbs., by Kachinas Kutenal, R.N., N.D, Apache Medicine Woman.

Sacred Rainbow Circle Foundation.  San Diego, California

Bubbles start popping!!!

Bubbles start popping!!!

Ascension is ascending in the realms of humanity.  Ascension began many years before the Mayan calendar and many other calendars in human history.

The 1940’s began the wave of Indigo children.  They were and still are the trail blazers in bringing enlightenment to humanity.

Calendars are man-made concepts from prophets that send a trend throughout human history.  Calendars are labels that transcend a language from 1 or more gods or goddess.   Language of the gods can be found in the book, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAK DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, by Julian Jaynes.

World mythology is full of gods and goddess and all the powers they possess.  Languages are passed down from energy through the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

The indigos and many other enlightened beings bring knowledge to open minds of human beings.  Calendars are markers in time, in 3d 3rd dimension from higher dimensions, when using ancient calendars.

There has been an explosion of energy from enlightened beings since the 1940’s.  According to the Mayans and many other calendars around the world, the world was to end in 2012.  But, the misinterpretation was not physical, but the mental body of being, that actually transcended from 3d 3rd dimension to 5d 5th dimension.  The Native Americans believe in the 4d 4th dimension instead of the 5d 5th dimension.

The explosion is presented in health of the 3 bodies of being.  It is played out through technology in so many forms, it will make the mind spin of how fast technology has progressed.

If a doctor places a cap on a person’s head with wires attached and the wires are hooked up to a machine, the stimulation of visual contact will make the monitor light up like a rainbow.  The neurons are receiving visual stimulation with human eyes.  This is the person being an observer.  However, when the person is the observe perception changes, because doors within the mind are still closed.  When the doors within one’s own mind are open, is when a person can travel into 5d 5th dimension.  One avenue is through an obe.

Take 24 hours and put a blind fold over your eyes and learn to understand what you see without human eyes.  Look at a tree, then close your eyes, what do you see?  Is it from memory which is holographical non-tangibles, or do you see the energy of the neurons that are like bubbles popping; because of neuron firing, same as in the human brain?

I can be in a meditative state of being with music meditation and the world stops.  My energy is then project through an obe and the energy is felt far and wide.  I receive messages from higher sources.

Everyone must always have a purpose when going into meditation and when the mind is quiet many doors in consciousness open with ease.

Awareness is self-awareness.  Self-awareness is seeing your own energy projected inside and outside of self.  Remember physically you are in 3d 3rd dimension, but your mind is living in 5d 5th dimension.  It is the best of both worlds when you learn to say yes.


Color in 2 worlds, Dream and Waking state of being.

It’s a brand new day!!!  Life is straight up inspirational and full of possibilities.

Yesterday I had my first art display in an art competition.  My art is the illustration for the next book.  A children’s pop-book.

I had balloons that glow in the dark ;-).  But, it was very windy and cloudy.  The sun peaked a few times.  Some of the art is glow in the dark.  In one scene – The Nightmare – (bad guy) Skaville glows in the dark.  He comes in the forest as glow in the dark.

If the sun would have been out more yesterday more of my art would have glowed. The book is a children’s pop up book.  It captivates the senses.  There will be scratch N Sniff, music when the fractal animals pop out, and may have smell a vision.

Last night when I went to sleep, I had a dream an eye-ball was watching me and changed colors, from blue to green.

Dream interpretation is a way of your mind acting out through symbols in the subconscious mind.  It is the awareness that is presented through the 3rd eye chakra.

Keeping a record of your dreams then you will begin to notice a pattern.  The pattern will then begin to tell you how to solve certain areas in life.  Dreams are a language that takes time to learn how to interpret.  Anything is life takes time to understand in life.  Dreams are like a foreign language.  Any foreign language takes time to understand.  Symbols are a language all their own.  Symbols contain coded messages.  Each coded message has many interpretation.  Each symbol in one’s own dream is an interpretation of challenges to be solved in waking life.

To keep a record of dreams, must take into a count the colors, which fall under the category of color psychology.  For example: Blue can be calming (positive), except people with SAD (Seasonal Effective Disorder) blue is depressing (negative).  The color blue also represents gossip (negative).  The color white in western minds means pure and in China means death.

Spiritually – negative – any dark colors and positive – any light colors.

According to 10,000 Dreams by Gustavus Hindman Miller, “To dream of seeing an eye, warns you that watchful enemies are seeking the slightest chance to work injury to your business.  This dream indicates to a lover that a rival will usurp him if he is not careful.  To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intentions”.  I like this book a lot, it is part of my collection.

According to Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson, The Seasonal Palettes are the different hues within a particular color in the color spectrum.  Depending upon if you are a Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall will determine the different shades of a particular color.

According to Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue and Simon Lilly, “Studies with plants grown under different colours and ranges of light have demonstrated that the wrong kind of light can seriously damage their growth and health.  Full-spectrum natural sunlight with normal levels of ultraviolet light (which is filtered out by most types of glass) is essential to maintain the normal, healthy functioning of plant cells.  The same has been found with animal cells”.  Guess what we are animals in the hierarchy chain of command.

Also, SAD – Seasonal Effective Disorder is in certain parts of the world where there is not enough uv lights.  It causes mood swings, low energy levels and depression that begins as the days grow shorter and only gradually improves with the onset of spring.  When you see an alternative doctor that has a machine that will project the particular amount of uv lights into the patient.  Which in turn will re-balance the disorder.  Really cool, you lay or sit in front of a color spectrum light, depending upon how much the doctor diagnoses that a patient needs, will determine the time of sitting or laying.

Colors are projected in the dream state of being, that is like a play in a coded message.  In waking state is learning to decipher the coded messages.

Possibilities happen in all states of being.


Chance of Rain today in Mesa

It is a lovely day in the land of Mesa.

Everything needs cleansing from time to time.

I will be in my very first art competition in person at the Mesa Arts Festival today.

Chance of rain 90%.  It has been raining and will continue to rain through out the day.

But, guess what – It’s all good in the neighborhood!! If it does it does, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

The rain gives moisture to the land, keeps down the dust cause Mesa is a dust bowl, and it cleanses away toxins from mother earth.  With cool air coming it makes it crisp and clean.  Makes it kinda like having that homely feeling of growing up back east.

No snow here, I just couldn’t hang with that.  My bones love the 100 + degree weather, for real!!!  I love playing in the sunshine.  I’m just gona grab a cup of java and see what adventure in the land of Mesa has in store today.



Dr. Juanita Lewis

Dr. Juanita Lewis

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